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Anonymous HIV Counselling

Oogachaga is collaborating with Dr Tan & Partners to offer on-site outreach and emotional support when you visit the clinic for anonymous HIV testing. 

After the doctor has administered the anonymous HIV test, you may request to talk in private with a professional counsellor while waiting for your test result. Our professional counsellors will be available on Fridays, 6pm – 9pm. 

The clinic is located at:
Dr Tan & Partners (See Google Map here)
11 Unity Street
#02-07 Robertson Walk
Singapore 237995

Tel: 6238 7810

This is a free counselling service by Oogachaga. The clinic’s usual charge of $50 per anonymous HIV test applies. No appointment necessary.  

Step 1: Reception
Register at clinic reception. Say you're here for "anonymous 3+1 test”. You will be asked to complete a simple registration form. 

Step 2: See a Doctor
A doctor will have a private consultation with you, & administer the HIV test. 

Step 2A: Chat with Counsellor
On Fridays 6pm - 9pm, instead of waiting alone, you can sit with a professional counsellor, who is LGBTQ-friendly. You can ask him questions about HIV/ STIs, or have a chat about coming out, relationships, sexuality, safer sex..... whatever you want to know! The session will be kept confidential, even from the doctor, if you wish.

Step 3: Result
After 20 mins or so, the HIV test result will be ready & the doctor will discuss it with you.


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