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OCWomen Support Group Run Six | Living an Extraordinary Life

Journeying into the third age. Enjoying the fruit of your self-efficacy and resilience in life after 40, when meaning and motivation become the heart of what is important to you.

What do you want life after 40 to mean to you ?  Learn, share and experience how you can make this phase of your life the most exciting yet. 

An experiential-learning based programme for a closed group of women 40 years and above.  

What: The sessions will focus on understanding where you are right now, exploring the frontiers of what it means to live an exceptional life whilst fulfilling your roles and obligations. A substantial part of the programme will be devoted to understanding self, emotions and ho7 you relate to your world. Purpose, meaning and motivation are core themes of this phase of life. Understanding the change of role expectations and resources is essential. Our ultimate goal is for you to be able to make informed decisions in the years ahead and to be well equipped to deal effectively with situations and issues regarding care of family and loved ones whilst still looking after your needs and living the life you aspire.

Who is it for: This program is designed for women who proactively wish to be in their best in their third age.

Format: Eight sessions of experiential learning involving examining thought processes and unique personalities and make-up. Each 3 hour session comprise of activities and discussions. Participants are expected to give their 100% during the sessions. These sessions will be moderated by our facilitators.

Date & Time: Sundays 2pm – 5pm running from 5 August, 2012.

Pre-Group Interview: Meet with the facilitators for an interview so that we can ascertain your needs for an impactful 8 sessions. Available dates for an hour interview are 9 and 10 June, 2012; 11am – 3pm.

About our facilitators: Bianca is experienced in self-development work over the past six years with a strong background in the social services spanning eight years. She is passionate about self- development, discovery and living life with purpose. Meiling has seven years of experience in self development work with individuals and groups. She believes that the best is yet to be. She advocates that the essence in life is in knowing self and the connectedness of self with social relationships and its environment.

Credentials of facilitators are available upon request.

Programme format : 8 sessions (3 hrs each)

Programme fee : $250.00

Registration closes : 12 June 2012

To indicate your interest, write to

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