Oogachaga Publications and Video Resources

Oogachaga has a series of resources that you might find useful. We are also preparing some other resources. Do visit this page regularly for more updates.

Information about Oogachaga 
1. Oogachaga Service Brochure - Find out about our services for the LGBTQ community in Singapore.
2. What's Out Here - A comprehensive guide which lists all LGBTQ resources in Singapore.

Resources on LGBTQ issues
1. Living a Full Life Guide - A guide for mature gay and bisexual men aged 40 and above.
2. Gay Men Dating Survival Guide - A easy to read guide for gay and bisexual men who are looking same sex romantic relationships.
3. The ABCs of Gay Sex - A honest guide for gay and bisexual men who want to explore sexually but safely.
4. Self Harm and Suicidal Tendencies in LGBT - A brochure on self harm and suicide related specific to LGBT.
5. What is LGBTQ? - A simple brochure on definitions of LGBTQ
9. Thinking about Coming Out? - If you are thinking about coming out, here's our simple tips guide for you.
10. Living a Full Life 迈向充实的人生 - A Chinese guide for mature gay and bisexual men aged 40 and above.
11. A Resource Guide to Transitioning for Transgender People - This guide is written with the intention to provide transgender-identified persons or their kin,some knowledge about what it means to be transgender.
12. Self care in Emotional Crisis - A resource on caring for yourself and others

1. SAFE Singapore 中文资料 
2. 中国同性恋亲友会 PFLAG China (PDF) - 认识同志(当子女出柜时
3. 中国爱白教育文化中心 AIBAI (PDF) 认识同志手册
4. 台北市政府同志手冊 Resource guide by Taipei City Government 认识同志手册
5. 台湾同志咨询热线协会 Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association 认识同志

Reading list for Professionals

Video Resources - A list of videos produced by or for Oogachaga