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Oogachaga is under the umbrella of SPACES Counselling and Community Limited, which is registered as a company limited by guarantee (registration no: 200402955N) with charity status (charity no: 01812). Oogachaga is also registered as a non-profit business (registration no: 53035413J).

Please consider a cash donation to support our work. Your contribution will help to:

a. Support our face-to-face, hotline, email and Whatsapp counselling services for the LGBTQ community;
b. Provide training programmes for our volunteers;
c. Develop educational resources for young LGBTQ people who are coming to terms with their sexual orientation and/ or gender identity, just like our Sexuality Explained video series on YouTube.
d. Conduct outreach programmes for the LGBTQ community, such as support groups, talks and workshops; 
e. Provide professional training and consultancy services to staff working in the social service, healthcare and education sectors, so they can better support LGBTQ clients in mainstream services; and
f. Maintain the professional staff team and centre at 57B Pagoda Street.


Online Donation Portal
Use our easy-to-use online donation page at:
Please note that the donation will be made through our parent organization & registered charity, Spaces Counseling and Community Pte Ltd, and funds will be transferred to Oogachaga.

ATM transfer/ Internet banking
A direct transfer can be made to:
Account name: Oogachaga
Type: DBS current account 
Account number: 011-901459-8 
Bank code: 7171 
Branch code: 011

Payable to “Oogachaga” and sent to:
57B Pagoda Street
Singapore 059216
Tel: 6224 9373
Email: contact@oogachaga.com

Thank you for your generous donation!