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Living a Full Life

Thank you for reading Living a Full Life, a guide for mature gay men aged 40 and above! This guide is produced by Oogachaga Counselling and Support as part of our Mature Men Project. In these few pages we would like to highlight some challenges faced by mature gay* men and questions in life that they may ask. 

In this guide, we are covering some of the topics related to aging as a gay man in six chapters: 

  • Being Mature and Gay
  • Finding Connections
  • Same Sex Relationships 
  • Financial Health
  • Sexual Health
  • Staying Active

We hope that you find some of the thoughts presented here useful and inspiring and that you will take some of the pointers we present in this booklet and move forward with them. 

* This booklet is prepared for a wide range of male readers. For the purpose of writing this booklet, the term gay is used here to include bisexual men and other men who are attracted to men.

This booklet is also partially sponsored by M.A.C AIDS Fund, as part of the Mature Men Project.

If you like this publication, please consider making a small donation to Oogachaga so that we can continue to make our services affordable to the LGBT communities.



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