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Who says that being mature must be "over the hills"? At the Mature Men Project, we know you can challenge that misconception when you enjoy a MATURE, SEXY and FABULOUS life! Join us at our post Chinese New Year event and we promise you a fun filled program with great food, drink and company. If you are keen and want to find out more about our three invited speakers and the topics, read on!

a. Anti aging Diet - by Mr Charles Lew, Senior Clincial Dietician and Public Health Nutritionist
Charles is passionate about the promotion of healthy eating and believes that the secret to staying well and fabulous is to eat right and be physically active. As the saying goes “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones”, one must make the conscious effort to eat the right foods at the right amounts.

Our nutritional needs evolve with age and it may be ‘trickier’ to eat right and stay fabulous in the 40s and above. On one hand, you need less calories (i.e. eat less food), on the other hand, you require the same or higher levels of nutrients for optimal health. Since nutrients come from food, how can you eat less food and still meet your nutrients requirements?

This segment titled “Anti-aging diet”, aims to:
- Share strategies that would increase the intake of nutrients with less food;
- Discuss about the important role of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory food components that may help to prevent or manage chronic conditions such as arthritis, heart disease and certain cancers.

b. Keeping fun in Sex - by Mr Anwar Hashim, Action for AIDS educator
Anwar is an experienced sexual health educator and has been conducting talks for different audience. Like all mature men, he knows how important sex life is for mature men and its positive impact on one's emotional being.

This segment will show you how mature men can maintain an active and fulfilling sex life. Learn how to enhance your sexual experiences through this lively presentation and interaction with fellow participants. 

c. Being Fabulous - by Mr Lionel Lim, personal fitness and grooming instructor from www.lionellim.com
In an increasingly complex world, knowing how to project ourselves in the eyes of others is no longer an important skill to learn. It is an essential skill to master. As the saying goes, ‘first impression counts’.

During this full-filled segment, you will discover it is surprisingly easy to create a lasting first impression, while looking and feeling good at the same time. Besides sharing grooming tips, you will also be given hands-on practice and engage in discussions. This is to help reinforce the learning. 

‘Being Fabulous’ provides useful insights such as image destroyers for men, face shapes, body shapes and suitable styles among others to help you bring out the best in you. After the talk, participants will watch their confidence level grow by leaps and bounds instantly!


This event is part of the Mature Men Project and is partly sponsored by