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Saturday Tea Sessions Run Three (in February and March 2012)

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02/11/2012 - 16:00
03/10/2012 - 18:30


Are you interested in good conversation about the real issues that are facing the mature gay men's community in Singapore? Our popular Saturday Tea Sessions 3rd Run is back!.

So if you are 40 years or above, please join us at one (or more) of our 5-part "Saturday Tea Sessions", where you can talk with other like-minded men about some of the issues that are close to your heart. Tea and light snacks will be served, but feel free to bring something along to share. We hope you can join us!

Our Saturday Tea Sessions is a five part series program for the mature gay male community. You may choose to attend all or any one of these sessions. Only gay or bisexual men above 40 years old can join the sessions.

All sessions are from 4.00pm to 6.30pm on Saturdays. Venue will be announced to registered participants.

Please feel free to email maturemen@oogachaga.com if you need any assistance.


11 February 2012 - Me and Myself (Self Image and Esteem) 
(This session is FULL) 
Our self image is linked to how we view the world, how we see ourselves and how this impacts our lives (and our loved ones) - especially in the gay community.  This will be an informal discussion about how we can change personal perceptions, build confidence and create more happiness.

18 February 2012 - My Family (This session is FULL)
Families are such a powerful part of our lives that our happiness is often linked to the strength, openness and maturity of those interactions.  This will be an informal discussion about how we can negotiate, manage and improve relationships with our family - whether you are out or not.

25 February 2012 - My Friends  (This session is FULL)   
Apart from our families, many also maintain social interaction with friends. Some of these friendships develop into families of choice. Join us at this session to share and learn on how to build, maintain and develop a circle of supportive friends. 

3 March 2012 - Same Sex Relationship (This session is FULL)  
Who would have thought we would grow up loving another man?  And when we do, we receive very little wisdom and good advice.  So we practice and learn as we go along.  This will be an informal discussion about the challenges and joys of same-sex relationships at a mature age. 

10 March 2012 - Sex and Intimacy (This session is FULL)
Whilst discussing sex is never an easy task, establishing real intimacy is often an even greater challenge.  Some say their sex lives as a mature man is more fulfilled.  Some say it’s more difficult.  This will be an informal discussion about our sexual well-bring and risks as we grow older.  

This five part series is part of the Mature Men Project and is partly sponsored by