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Focus Group Discussion on Social Services Professionals & the LGBTQ community

Why are we conducting this focus group discussion?
Oogachaga conducted an online survey in August 2011 in order to better understand the social service providers and their confidence and needs in relation to issues relating to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) communities. As a follow up to the survey, we are conducting focus group discussions so that we could understand more about your needs beyond the quantitative data collected. 

What will we do with the results and what are the benefits?
The results of this focus group discussion and the online survey will help us to identify existing training needs and to develop knowledge-based training programmes to meet those needs. There are ongoing plans by Oogachaga to publish a user-friendly information guide for social service professionals so as to better equip you for working with LGBTQ clients. 

Ultimately, we also seek to enhance the quality of LGBTQ-related professional training for social service providers in Singapore.

How can you help in this study?
We would greatly appreciate your participation in this focus group discussion on any of two days. Each session should take 2 hours.

Please be assured that your participation will be held in the strictest confidence. When the results of this study are published or used for training purposes, no identifying information will be used.

Contact information. 
Please contact us directly here if you have any questions about this focus group discussion or the online survey.