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Taboo Conversations (Men Program)

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Taboo Conversations are about topics that exist in Singapore gay community. You talk about them in online gay forums while hiding behind the avatars. You talk about them privately among friends. Or you consider some of them too taboo to discuss because they can spark off heated debates. Taboo Conversations offer you a SAFE platform to share your views and have a mature and balanced discussion on these topics. 

Thursdays from 7.30pm to 9.30pm (See below)

The Oogachaga Centre, 41A Mosque Street Singapore 059519. See map here.

How much?
The session is free but we do appreciate if you could make a small donation at each session. 

What are the topics?
There are too many taboo topics in the community and we have selected these to kick start Taboo Conversations One:


8 Sep 2011 – The “B” word - For Bisexual men and men who are interested to understand bisexuality. (This session is FULL)
Bisexuality is one of the three main classifications of sexual orientation, alongside heterosexuality and homosexuality. This will be an informal discussion about how bisexuality fits into the gay community as a whole. 

15 Sep 2011 – The Digital 1 and 0 - For men who are using Internet for sexual activities, especially those who are troubled by the use.
With social media being increasingly used by the gay community to interact with each other, cam sex and phone sex paired with sex toys and other sex materials, have widen ways for sexual interaction. This will be an informal discussion about how we can engage, manage and yet protect ourselves from potential sex scams and practice safety on the big bad world we call the internet.

22 Sep 2011 – When it is more than ONE - For men who are into group sex and those who want to know what is in group sex.
At some point of our gay life, we either have heard of friends or we ourselves have engaged in group sex, threesome and/or sex parties. Join us at this session to shine the spotlight on this taboo topic and understand why some of us choose to engage in such sexual activities and ways we can protect ourselves.

29 Sep 2011 – Saying yes when it was a NO - For men who are experiences in unwanted sex activities and those who wish to discuss on this topic.
Things can go wrong during the heat of the moment. Can we say no halfway through the act of sex? When do you draw the line and say NO when the unwanted sexual advances are making you uncomfortable?  This session seeks to address the topic of when sex WILLINGLY becomes sex UNWILLINGLY and whether sexual violence and sexual coercion exist in the gay community.  

6 Oct 2011 – Relationships with a difference - For men who are in relationships involved difference in age or racial group as well as those who are interested in this topic.
Some might view differences in age, ethnicity and religion as a deal breaker in relationships. Others might feel it adds a different dynamics to the relationships. This session seeks to discuss about Spring-Autumn relationships and Interracial relationships.