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What's Out Here - a LGBTQ resources guide in Singapore

What’s Out Here is a guide produced by Oogachaga for all individuals in the Singapore lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and questioning (LGBTQ) communities who are seeking personal empowerment with the support of others. This guide will provide you with information on a wide range of community groups, health care facilities, counselling and support organisations, social activity groups and many other useful resources. 

The goal of this resource guide is to make sure people in the LGBTQ communities are aware of the many resources that exist to serve their individual needs.

A printed copy of this guide is sent out to all the voluntary welfare organisations, healthcare and tertiary institutions in Singapore. If you or your organisation needs copies of this guide, please email or call us on 626 86 626.

If you like this publication, please consider making a small donation to Oogachaga so that we can continue to make our services affordable to the LGBT communities.

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