First-ever LGBTQ+ Community-led Effort to Promote Drug-free Life in Singapore

Oogachaga, in collaboration with SG Narratives, jointly present Singapore’s first-ever community-led drug prevention campaign, Our Story is Drug-Free, for the local LGBTQ+ community.

We have become aware of the role played by recreational and addictive drugs in our community, and we are deeply concerned. We feel it is time for us to rewrite our queer narrative.

“Our Story is Drug-Free” aims to highlight that the local queer narrative is a multi-faceted one. It includes stories of Identity, Family, Relationships, Love, and Equality. Our narrative is not just told by gay men, it also includes queer women, transgender persons, as well as our allies who stand with us.

These are our official storytellers:
* Theresa Goh - National swimmer, Paralympic medallist, Pink Dot Ambassador 2017
* Cassandra Thng - Trans activist, and co-founder,
* Shamini Nedumaran  - Counsellor, Oogachaga
* Muhammad Faliqh Bin Abdul Rahman  - Centre Manager, Oogachaga

In this video, Theresa, Cassandra, Shamini and Faliqh share with us their stories of pain, struggle, friendship, love and acceptance, showing that their stories, and ours too, can be uniquely drug-free and life-affirming.

You can visit the campaign website by clicking on the banner above or the button and logo below: