1. CARE email counselling volunteers do not claim to have professionally recognised qualifications or authority to be counsellors but are trained to provide this online counselling service.

2. CARE is provided for people in a state of normal mental and physical health. It is not designed to treat, diagnose, cure or alleviate symptoms of any kind of mental or physical or illness.

3. CARE should not be a replacement for any professional advice from medical doctors, psychiatrists or clinical psychologists. In all cases it is the responsibility of each client to seek appropriate professional treatment for any symptoms of disease or disorder that they may be experiencing.

4. Oogachaga and CARE do not accept any liability or responsibility for any consequences of a client's use of its services -- either beneficial or otherwise. A client's use of the advice or information provided in this online service, their interpretation of what they see or hear in such sessions or any effects on them or others which they attribute to such sessions is their responsibility alone.

5. In no event shall Oogachaga, its employees or volunteers be liable to any person(s) for any loss or damage of any kind which may occur as a result of the online counselling service(s) it provides.


1. The client of Oogachaga and CARE service understands that all staff members and volunteers of Oogachaga will assure that all information about them, as well as what transpires during counselling will be kept confidential. This assurance of confidentiality includes all written or taped records, if any.

2. However, there are limits of confidentiality, where there is a threat of harm or loss of life to the client and/ or others. Under these conditions, Oogachaga's staff members and volunteers are duty-bound to warn the relevant individuals and/ or agencies who can best take action to prevent such injury or harm.

3. In light of such, the client understands that Oogachaga will not be responsible for the breach of confidentiality under the above mentioned circumstances.

Please note that the disclaimer and agreement may be subjected to changes without further notice.