Embracing diversity in our lives


Oogachaga is a community-based, non-profit, professional organisation working with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and queer (LGBTQ+) individuals, couples and families in Singapore since 1999.

We are registered as a non-profit business (registration number: 53035413J), under our parent company SPACES Counseling and Community Limited (registration number: 200402955N) with charity status (charity number: 1812).

Oogachaga is a member organisation of the International LGBTI Association (ILGA),   The Commonwealth Equality Network (TCEN) and JOY 94.9.


If you're looking for local resources, check out Congregaytion: Singapore's LGBTQ community resource portal

Oogachaga, in collaboration with SG Narratives, warmly invite you to be part of our campaign for the local LGBTQ+ community, called “Our Story Is Drug Free".

We have become aware of the role played by recreational and addictive drugs in our community, and we are deeply concerned. We feel it is time for us to rewrite the queer narrative.

Your voice is important, and we hope you will join us and be heard. As leaders and members of the local LGBTQ+ community, you too can inspire others to create their own life stories that are drug-free and life-affirming. 

I’m here before you today because of the people around me - my friends, my family, my parents. Thank you for making me brave. Let us be that source of courage for someone else who needs it.
— Theresa Goh, Singapore Paralympic medallist

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