Living a Full Life 迈向充实的人生

Living a Full Life is a guide for mature gay and bisexual men, and was launched in 2011. Having received good feedback on this guide, we are pleased to announce that it is now available in Chinese. 

Living a Full Life 迈向充实的人生是为成熟男同志所编写的册子。本册子关注的是成熟男同志在日常生活中所面对的一些挑战和课题。我们将分别在以下的六个章节中讨论有关成熟男同志的课题: 

1. 熟男同志
2. 建立关系
3. 同性恋爱
4. 财务状况
5. 性爱健康
6. 保持活力