It is his 21st birthday. Xiaoyou decides to take a second chance with his ex-boyfriend, a man 25 years older than him. Will they be able to last? Is Xiaoyou looking for true love or yearning for fatherly love?

At a party organised by his gay friend, Alan, Ah Soo receives a shocking revelation from a woman carrying a toddler. Ah Soo flees the party before it ends - but he cannot to escape the destiny that binds them together.

Shaoqiang’s first day in the army spirals into romantic fantasies the moment he meets his charismatic sergeant. Can he curb his affection, or will he be trapped in a dangerous game?

Kai’en’s mum stumbles upon her son in the embrace of his “housemate”. How will she reconcile herself to her son’s sexuality? How will Kai’en come out to his mum?

Seven gripping stories make up Tong Lei, Singapore’s first collection of Chinese short fiction. Each story is based on a true account of from the lives of gay men in contemporary Singapore. Written by Ken Ang, the book is accompanied by two theme songs 剩下 and 放心 by composed and performed by Tin Ang.

This project is brought to you by Oogachaga (OC), the publishers of the popular Singapore Queers of the 21st Century (SQ21) in conjunction with OC’s tenth anniversary.  The book will be launched during IndigNation 2009. All proceeds from the sale of this book will be channeled to OC’s support group programmes and counselling services.








Where to find Tong Lei
Copies are available for loan from Pelangi Pride Centre